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6 comments to Top Gay Superheroes – My favorites (only my opinion)

  • Avatar Hauke  says:

    Midnighter and Apollo are my absolute favorites.
    I also like Wiccan and Hulking – read most of their stories. (not all of them are published here)

  • Avatar Chris  says:

    I went as Wiccan for halloween one year… 2 people knew who I was… Don’t know some of the others but I’ll check them out. Also, Have to say you’re very good looking!

  • Avatar jrilova  says:

    As Brian, I totally agree with your #1, but I would add Colossus and Northstar in the Ultimate Universe, their story is consistent and quite well written.

  • Avatar Charly  says:

    My top 5 would be Midnighter, Batwoman, Shatterstar, Northstar, and Hulkling.

  • Avatar Brian Douglas Ahern  says:

    I agree with your Number 1 pick. I also think it’s kinda cool that you wear a Newsies cap while talking about superheroes.

  • Avatar joshhiggy716  says:

    I like your choices and I really need to check out Wiccan and Hulkling it sounds great.

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