Vintage Gay – I Love Looking at Pics of Gay Couples from the Past

In today’s day and age, seeing pictures of men being intimate together is much more common. It is still shocking to some and other men think it is weak to show their love to one another but it is natural and should be displayed as much as two guys want to display it. There is something about looking at couples in the past that took pictures to commemorate their affections. Society is no where near where we should be in acceptance, but we have traveled so far. I never want to take a step back. These people below are very brave to show their love for one another. More than likely most of them had to hide their feelings in public, but at least they had memories to look back at to see that they did exist and their feelings were being displayed proudly. I do know that some of these men may not be gay couples and may just be men showing playfulness with their buddies, but that in itself is still nice to see. Many men today, gay and straight alike, do not like to show their feelings.

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