What Porn/Bar is this from/at?

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I know this has to be a porn, but where is this from? I swear I’ve seen stuff like this in the past with a hetero thing going on with women all in the submissive positions, but I’ve never seen the gay version before. I have had people in the past say that there are European countries that have bars like this in areas. Although I’ve never seen actual pics or vids of it before.

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The whole concept of having a guy’s ass just waiting through a wall with completely anonymity is very enticing to some people (possibly to me too) and to see a fantasy like that play out in a movie is pretty damn awesome. I am surprised we have not seen more videos like this in the past. We get the usual Glory Hole thing, but this is something that seems a bit different that would definitely bring in more of an audience.

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So, test your porn skills, and let me know, where is from and how can I watch it? I really want to see it in its entirety.

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