Who is Your Favorite Ranger? Need a Power Ranger Butt Plug? GeekySexToys Have Them!

I love the GeekySexToys Etsy shop! I visit regularly just to see what their new products. They have a variety of toys for the geeks out there to have fun with. One of their newest products released in time for the new Power Rangers movie coming out in a couple weeks is the Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers Buttplugs.

They have a small version for those of us not quite used to taking huge objects and a larger version that’s more accommodating. They have almost all colors of the rangers too. White Ranger color, but I’m sure if the shop is asked enough, they’ll make those too.

Personally I have their Batman-Butt Plug. It’s kinda small, but for those of us that aren’t used to huge giant plugs, it’s quite nice. Those pics I posted on my Patreon site. I may wear that today now that I’m thinking more about it.

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I kinda want this Superman Dildo. Just for the cape of course…no other reason. Giggity.

3 comments to Who is Your Favorite Ranger? Need a Power Ranger Butt Plug? GeekySexToys Have Them!

  • Avatar Dawnell (@Dawnell_do)  says:

    They should make some based of the monsters, like Lord Zedd.

  • Avatar That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    Billy the Blue Ranger and Tommy the Green/White/Red/Black Ranger.

    So… one of those!

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    Those look fun. Goodvthing they come in different sizes dice the Bat-plug is kinda small. That Super dildo with cocking cape is awesome.

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