You Know Who’s Hot? Adam Killian – I would let him do Anything!

Adam Killian 14

There’s only like 5 porn stars that I consider to be incredibly awesome and that I would let them do anything to me. Adam Killian is near the top of that list! I can’t explain it, the lips, the face, the body, the tats, his ass…that incredible, incredible, INCREDIBLE ASS!

Killian AssAdam Killian 8

But seriously, he’s hot. His acting ability is spot on and I cannot get through one of his scenes without lusting after him and wishing that he would do so many incredibly nasty things to me. And I would totally let him! He’s worked with a variety of different companies, including TitanMen, Lucas Entertainment, and

Adam Killian 5Adam Killian 6

Also, even though his size makes him seem as though he’s probably better as a top, he can bottom with the best of them. His versatility is great since he seems to enjoy both equally. Many guys who you know usually top, cannot take being a bottom for too long of a time without them showing their displeasure. Adam never seems to have that displeasure. He’s great both ways.

Adam Killian 7Adam Killian 9

I can’t say anything else about him. I seriously love this guy. I know he has a new scene coming out from and you know I have to talk about it when it’s finally released. They need to use him much more often! Check out some of the gifs that I’ve found here and there online. A couple of them I have made myself. And I love the Gene Lightfoot animation at the end too.

Adam Killian 1Adam Killian 2Adam Killian 3Adam Killian 4Adam Killian 5Adam Killian 6Adam Killian 10Adam Killian 11Adam Killian 12Adam Killian 13Adam Killian 14Adam Killian 15Adam Killian 116Adam Killian Gene Lightfoot

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4 comments to You Know Who’s Hot? Adam Killian – I would let him do Anything!

  • Steve  says:

    You meet some guys that just do it all right. They can do just anything with you. I was that way with only one guy. Man he could do no wrong

  • Anonymous  says:

    I would to fuck Adam. He just turns me on!

  • BrianL  says:

    Hmmm, who are the other 4 porn stars? just curious

  • Jonathan O'Faolain Jonathan O'Faolain  says:

    Those are really hot!

    I need to do a fanfic of you getting ramrodded by Adam Killian now.

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