Contest Submission- GCG Splack-Up #2 by Darkstar72

GCG Splack-Up #2 by Darkstar72

“How do I keep getting into situations like this?” mutters Paul as a slick, pulsing tentacle invades his asshole. Paul grits his teeth and tries to struggle as the tentacle fucks him. Paul’s captor, Rancor, grins at the display. “Struggle and fight all you want, Gay Comic Geek, but you can’t stop this. You will be my new host.” Paul scans the room for the sonic lance he brought. It’s the only thing that can stop this. He sees it’s on the other side of the warehouse. “Fuck my life” sighs Paul. He can’t hold out much longer. Once he cums, Rancor will possess him completely.

A nearby wall suddenly explodes. The glowing debris glows are flung towards Rancor. Rancor creates another tentacle to knock the floating debris away, distracting him from Paul. Suddenly, Rancor is trapped in a silver sphere, which compresses the creature into a tiny marble. The marble that was Rancor hits the floor, rolling to the other end of the warehouse. “I don’t know what the fuck that was, GCG, but it looked fun” says a familiar voice.

Moonboy walks over toward Paul and extends a hand. Paul grabs Moonboy’s hand and gets up off the ground. “It was anything but fun, Moonie. Rancor’s an alien symbiote. He invades a potential host by fucking them with his tentacles. When the victim cums, Rancor envelops their body, possessing them and leeching their life force. When they’re drained dry, it moves to the next poor host.” “So, you’re in my debt for saving your life,” grins Moonboy. “I think I know a way you can repay me.”

Paul gulps and looks at his tattoos. They’re glowing silver again. He feels very heavy and drops to his knees. Moonboy pulls his trunks off, his raging hard-on smacks Paul in the face. Paul licks the mushroom head and sucks on his balls. He then takes Moonboy’s cock into his mouth, almost deep-throating it. Moonboy grabs Paul’s ears and starts to face-fuck him. “Fuck, your mouth’s so hot” moans Moonboy. “I’m gonna bust soon.” Suddenly a tentacle grabs Moonboy by the waist and flings him across the warehouse. Rancor, fully recovered, creates tentacles to grab Moonboy’s wrists and ankles. Another tentacle slams into Moonboy’s ass. Moonboy yelps in pain and another tentacle is shoved down his open mouth. Rancor starts fucking Moonboy furiously. “You horny fool. Your concentration slipped and allowed me to recover. You’ll pay for that mistake by becoming my new host.” Paul sees that Moonboy’s cock is leaking pre-cum. “There isn’t much time. I gotta end this before he’s fucked to death.” Paul leaps into the air, twisting his body so he lands behind Rancor. He picks up the sonic lance, turns it on, and impales Rancor from behind. Rancor screams and is ripped apart by the vibrations. The threat over, Paul goes to check on Moonboy. “Are you OK?” “I think so, just a little shaken up.” “Good, just relax. You’ll be OK in a minute”. Paul notices Moonboy’s muscular ass sticking up in the air.

Paul gets a devilish smirk across his face. “I can’t let this opportunity go to waste” thinks Paul. He rips off his trunks, revealing his hard-on. He starts stroking it and aims for Moonboy’s puckered hole. “What’re you doing” asks Moonboy as he turns his head towards Paul. Paul grabs the back of his head and forces it down to the ground. “What does it look like? You’re getting splacked.” Paul rams his cock into Moonboy’s tender ass. “Fuck you’re tighter than I remember” says Paul as he thrusts his hips, pushing his cock deeper into Moonboy’s ass. Moonboy gasps in pain as Paul continues to hold him down. “Stop. You’re gonna rip me in half.” “Bullshit. You’re gonna fucking take this.” Paul continues to fuck Moonboy faster and faster, as Moonboy whimpers in both pain and pleasure. Paul shoves his cock all the way in, grunts, and cums deep inside Moonboy. Paul pulls out of Moonboy’s ass, his jizz leaking out. “I owed you from our last team-up. How’d you like getting a taste of your own medicine?”

Moonboy turns around, with a huge grin on his face. “Liked it? I fucking loved it, stud. That was one of the hottest fucks I’ve had in a while. I like your aggressive streak.” He twists his hand and Paul’s tattoos glow again. Once again, he’s floating helplessly in the air. “Last time, I got to ride your awesome cock. The least I can do is return the favor.” Moonboy floats Paul over to his hard cock and drops him, impaling Paul on his cock. “Damn, this is amazing” thinks Paul as he begins bouncing on Moonboy’s throbbing cock. Moonboy grabs Paul’s cock and begins stroking it. “Fuck, GCG, your ass muscles are milking my cock. It feels so good.” “Enjoy it, ‘cuz I’m giving you the ride of your life.” Moonboy grabs Paul’s waist and starts fucking him from underneath. “Oh no, you don’t. I’m in control” smirks Paul as he grabs Moonboy’s arms, pulls them off his waist and pushes them to the ground. Paul starts moving his hips in a circle, grinding Moonboy’s cock. Moonboy starts moaning louder and louder and Paul starts grinding faster and faster. “Fuck, I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna shoot”. “Do it” moans Paul “I’m jizzing too”. They both cum at the same time. Moonboy fills Paul’s ass full of his cum while Paul squirts all over Moonboy’s chest and face. Paul’s cum glows and floats in the air. It then drops into Moonboy’s open mouth. “Yum! I could eat your jizz all day” he smiles.

Moonboy then reaches up, grabs Paul and pulls him into a kiss, his tongue darting though Paul’s lips. Paul returns the kiss and feels his cum swirling in Moonboy’s mouth. They make out for a few minutes and then lie on the ground, completely spent. “I’m starting to like these team-ups” says Paul. “Good. You want to go to my place and continue this team-up?” “Fuck yeah! Where is it?” “Where do you think? I’m called Moonboy for a reason. You can eat my ass on the way.” Moonboy stands up, wraps Paul and himself in a silver aura, and flies up towards the moon. As Paul makes his way to Moonboy’s inviting ass, he thinks “Fuck, my life is awesome.”