Ginger 6
Blah blah blah- Ginger something this, ginger something that. I like gingers. I don’t need a reason to post about them on Thursdays. Ginger Thursdays should be a thing. It should be a thing everywhere! Here’s an update on some super smoking hot gingers out there!
If you want to submit a ginger pic or any pic that you think may be something I’d like, please email me directly at:



Cass Bolton should have his own entry altogether. Here’s a couple good shots of him. I’m loving his work on

Cass Bolton 3Cass Bolton 4Cass BoltonCass Bolton 2
And of course he’s out of the porn business, but never forgotten, the famous Blu Kennedy





2 thoughts on “Ginger Thursday!

  1. I was all “WTF where is Cass!!? He should be in every one of these posts!!!!”

    And then I kept looking. I don’t know what it is about that man, but he drives me wild. And I know I’m not kinky enough for him, but he still drives me wild.

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