Hot Sexy Male Gingers – This Week’s Edition!


We all love the elusive hot ginger guys. Here’s some new pics that have been sent to me or I have been told to research. This first pic is of Connor Scott, who Jesse Dyer told me to research. He is a cutie and he was recently on BBC’s The Voice and has incredible singing talents.

Connor Scott - Requested by Jesse

2 thoughts on “Hot Sexy Male Gingers – This Week’s Edition!

  1. That was fun! My husband and I went through them saying which ones could jump in our bed and which ones would get tossed out. Great fun! The ones that can jump in are:
    The first two big photos and than
    1. 5. 6. 9 (guy on left) 11. 12. 14. 16. 18. 21. 23. 29. and of course Rob! 🙂
    Send them over please.

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