This week has been full of geek and gamer news from the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 trailer, Logan, and now Nintendo just showed off their new console (which I may be more excited for than the other news). Nintendo Switch (codenamed NX) looks like it might be catering to its hardcore fans with this new style of gaming. The console is a hybrid of a console and portable system. From the trailer you can see people playing HD games such as Zelda and Mario and play them on the go.


The controller comes apart and can connect to the portable screen and also become two independent controllers. I can already see some problems with this design as the smaller controllers are too small and the layout of the control stick and buttons are too close. I am guessing this will lead to a redesign in the future as people even with tiny hands are going to have issues holding this.


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It was hinted a while back that the console will be using cartridges and it looks like that is the case now. Nowadays we have SD Cards that can hold a lot of memory so it makes sense to use them rather than discs. With the other consoles Xbox One and PS4 needing discs then having to install them on their hard drive or just installing them from a digital download it eats away at the system memory fast and you still require the disc to play the game if you went the disc route. This cartridge system, in my opinion, wins.

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We also got a look at some of the games to come. Zelda of course, but a new Mario game and Wii U games like Splatoon and Mario Kart (though these may be entirely new games). We also got a look at Skyrim for the Switch as well which is great!

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Everyone had hopes for the Wii U to bring Nintendo back to the gaming world, but it looks like this system may actually do that. With portable HD gaming and cartridges this looks like it will save Nintendo.

Though there are some questions like how long the battery life is on the system or the pricing. Those questions will be answered in the near future. Hopefully this brings Nintendo fans back.

What are your thoughts on this new system?

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