My friends Rich and Derek both are photoshop guys and both have done a couple pics of me in the past. Here’s some recent ones that I’m loving! Billy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Lion-O from Thundercats.

2 thoughts on “Power Ranger and Thundercat Morphs

  1. hi i love your blog and i need advice im 13 years old and i am gay but im too scared to come out to everyone because im scared that they will disown me please i need help thank you
    ps my dad abuses me so thats why i cant tell him and please dont write on my wall thank you xx

  2. Like the website. Happy its up and running, I have missed it. About your protective umbrella of friends and followers; We all LOVE you, Paul. Each in his own way, but its there,because you are real, genuine. We’d all love to find someone like you for ourselves, but for now, we’re happy to share.
    P>S> for your your eyes only. Sorry I’ve been unable to do much in the way of financial support, but I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression.Help is here and things are already looking up. Watching you is a big help. Hope your San Diego trip is as much fun as you hope.

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