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Beautiful Dead #1 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review

Beautiful Dead 1 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

Here is the first zombie apocalyptic comic book series from Class Comics. We have two protagonists, one a closeted recluse and another that’s a gay jock...

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Mako Finn #2 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics

Mako 2 FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

Here is the second issue review on Class Comics’ own aquatic superhero. Last time he was about to be eaten by a giant megalodon. Now he’s trapped with the thoughts that his best friend in the whole world may be dead because of him.

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Merry Men #1 – Gay Robin Hood Comic Book Review from Oni Press

Merry Men 1 Gay Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

This first issue to Oni Press’s gay version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men has hit the stands. It is a different concept on Robin Hood that I had never considered in the past. It is unique and a great first issue...

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Action Comics #958, Detective Comics #935 and Rebirth Comic Load 6/22/2016

Comic Load 6 22 2016 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Great week in comics! Especially if you are a DC Comic book fan. Lot’s of Rebirth titles and more continuation of stories that take place after the Rebirth.

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Mako Finn #1 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (NSFW)

Mako 1 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Think of Mako Finn as being the Gay version of AquaMan. He is a staple of the Class Comics universe and a very cool character.

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Midnighter #12 – The Last Issue – Gay DC Comic Book Review

Midnighter 12 (4).Movie_Snapshot

This is the last of the Midnighter comic books in the foreseeable future from DC Comics. So sad, especially since there are very few LGBT characters that are headlining their own series...

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The Young Protectors – Engaging the Enemy – TPB Gay Comic Book Review

The Young Protectors (3).Movie_Snapshot

The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy Chapter 1. This is a great LGBT comic book that was written by Alex Woolfson...

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Tales of the Taro Demon: Deimos #1 – Class Comics Book Review

Deimos Taro Demon (5).Movie_Snapshot

Class Comics presents this issue of Deimos that spot lights our favorite demonic entity turned good in 3 different stories. Each story is written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by two other artists.

The stories include:

Dead of Winter 2 – Ill...

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Alex in Bonerland – Gay Porn Comic Book Review from Class Comics

Alex in Bonerland VIMEO.Movie_Snapshot

New from is the title – Alex in Bonerland. This is the tale of Alice, but instead has a male, Alex, going through a huge sexual romp. It’s pretty fucking awesome! Check out my thoughts on the comic book in the video below.

To get t...

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Hercules #2 – Marvel Comic Book Review

Hercules 2 Vimeo (3).Movie_Snapshot

The second issue to the Hercules series from Marvel Comics is out. Hercules is somewhat investigating the appearance of many of his fellow mythological counterparts from Greek folklore...

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