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Scared Stiff #1 – Class Comics Gay Halloween Comic Book Review (NSFW)


Just in time for Halloween, Class Comics has released a ‘scary’ comic book that is very similar to a lot of different horror comic books from the 1960s...

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Bulldogs – Gay Graphic Novel Series Review – Writer Dale Lazarov


Dale Lazarov is a great writer and graphic novel creator. He’s made many series, each with their own unique themes. With Bulldogs, he has three different stories set within the United Kingdom...

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Treasure Hunter Jox Issues 1 & 2 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics


Treasure Hunter Jox from Class Comics has the sexual adventures of an Elf who seems to keep on getting himself into sticky situations. He hasn’t actually gotten any real treasure yet, but he has to eventually...

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Stripling Warrior – Gay Mormon Comic Book Review from So Super Duper


Have you ever heard of a Mormon superhero that was granted angelic superpowers? Neither have I, but writer Brian Anderson has created a very cool superhero that is exactly this...

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The Luminous Firefly #1 Rapid Fire Comic Book Review

Beautiful Dead 2 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review COMPLETE (2).Movie_Snapshot

Written by Terrell Smith and illustrated by Koko Amboro, the first issue of The Luminous Firefly is out. This series focus on the vigilante story of a young superhero that is both the only black student at his school and also gay...

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Beautiful Dead #2 – Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review

Beautiful Dead 2 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

Oh yeah, the gay Zombie Apocalypse comic book is out! This is issue number 2 of the Class Comics title that follows two gay men and their adventures of surviving a zombie outbreak. Written by Patrick Fraiser and drawn by Butch McLogic.

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Beautiful Dead #1 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review

Beautiful Dead 1 Class Comics Gay Zombie Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

Here is the first zombie apocalyptic comic book series from Class Comics. We have two protagonists, one a closeted recluse and another that’s a gay jock...

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Mako Finn #2 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics

Mako 2 FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

Here is the second issue review on Class Comics’ own aquatic superhero. Last time he was about to be eaten by a giant megalodon. Now he’s trapped with the thoughts that his best friend in the whole world may be dead because of him.

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Merry Men #1 – Gay Robin Hood Comic Book Review from Oni Press

Merry Men 1 Gay Comic Book Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

This first issue to Oni Press’s gay version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men has hit the stands. It is a different concept on Robin Hood that I had never considered in the past. It is unique and a great first issue...

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Action Comics #958, Detective Comics #935 and Rebirth Comic Load 6/22/2016

Comic Load 6 22 2016 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Great week in comics! Especially if you are a DC Comic book fan. Lot’s of Rebirth titles and more continuation of stories that take place after the Rebirth.

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