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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – MuscleSuitNotNeeded aka Joe

Have you met my buddy MuscleSuitNotNeeded aka Joe? Holy hell, what a sexy man! I met Joe a couple years ago at DragonCon in his Superman costume and I’ve been stalking…following him ever since! He’s done some great costumes but I have to say that his Spartan costume is my favorite. For reasons. My goal for this coming year is to get him into a GCG costume and join the ranks of the Corps. I’m not sure what colors he would have, but I’m sure I can work on them. Check out his Instagram when yo...

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Sexy Male Cosplay Spotlight – Captain Wolfie

Have you met my buddy Jared? Holy smoking sexy beefcake Batman! Also known as Captain Wolfie, Jared does a variety of costumes ranging from the super sexy like Ban, the Fox Sin of Greed from the anime series Seven Deadly Sins to humorous characters like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sometimes his fiancé Steven joins in for some of his cosplay adventures.

Check out Captain Wolfie’s Instagram over at:

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Superman Cosplayer Appreciation Post – Because He’s Sexy As Hell! (NSFW)


I know there are cosplay fetishes and spandex fetishes, but I’m sure there has to be a Superman fetish as well. He is the original comic book superhero and by far the most well known of all characters that have been created. I have had the pleasure of kissing one Superman (KjBodybuilder) at DragonCon 2018 as I was Mon El myself...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Random Assortment, All Hotties! (Some NSFW)

There is literally no reason as to why I’m posting miscellaneous male cosplayers except that these guys are hot. Some aren’t real costumes and just photoshop edits, but I’ll take it. Hopefully in the next month, I’ll have a lot of new pics myself from a few different conventions that I’ll be attending.

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Beninator aka He-Man!

Have you met Beninator? I like to refer to him as the He-Man cosplayer that does a smoking job of both He-Man and Prince Adam. Not to mention all of the other costumes that he regularly posts on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Below are a couple of his pics that I’ve seen that are badass pieces of art!

Check out his Facebook Page:

Beninator’s Instagram:

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ManCrush Monday – KamCosplay aka Kevin


Have you met Kevin aka KamCosplay? I have only met him once myself at NYCC, but his Robin costume made me weak in the knees. After stalking exploring some of his other works, I saw that he is stupendous cosplayer with all of his work. Also side note, he has been happily married to his husband Derek for 5 years and will be celebrating their 6th anniversary come July. I have collected a couple of Kevin’s costume pictures to show off his skill.


Check out Kevin’s Social Media sites:

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Robin Cosplay Appreciation Post (Again) – Because He’s That Fucking Awesome

Unless you are new to my site and social media, you should know that Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. I have cosplayed as Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd at different points in my life. Never Damian, because fuck Damian. However I have a special place in my heart for Robin for many reasons, so I continually post pictures both real and comic book related that pertain the Boy Wonder. Here’s a few pics of my boy in cosplay form from different cosplayers that I have encountered...

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Superman (Bulge) Appreciation Post – He’s Still Sexy as Hell To Me (NSFW)


I did a post about ‘Heroes Defeated’ earlier this week. I had a nice twitching in my cock every time I saw Superman on the ropes. So I found some nice pics of Superman to share. Because, he’s the original comic book superhero and still sexy as fuck to me! A lot of these pics are photoshopped, but I don’t care. They still work. Enjoy!

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Spider-Man Sexy Male Appreciation Post – Just in General! (NSFW)


My first comic book crush was Peter Parker. He seemed to have his costume ripped in nearly every issue I ever read as a kid and that tingled something in Little Paul that I didn’t quite understand at the time. Later I totally realized what it was and started to collect pics here and there of his appearances in comic books where he was ‘battle damaged...

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Sexy Male Cosplay Spotlight – Dan Morash Cosplay

I had the honor of meeting the cosplayer Dan Morash at Katsucon 2018. Immediately I noticed how astonishingly impressive his Nightwing costume looked when I saw him in the distance. What was even better was that he did not mind at all when I asked if I could take a picture gawking at his ass. He did have a nice ass. I wish I had taken more pictures now.

After a little research I found Dan’s Facebook Fanpage and was amazed at how accurate his costuming skills really were on his other creations...

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