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Torrential Speed Edit!

I recently started up my editing again and decided to go about doing a speed edit once a week. This week I did one of the cosplayer Arsenio. You probably know him from various posts on here or on the sexy GayComicGeek’s patreon. This is his Aquaman cosplay and I have to say I think he looks hella guapo in it! I plan on doing more and you will see what other cosplayers I decide to edit along the way...

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Have You Checked Out Jester’s Forge?

I recently had the pleasure of working with this amazing photographer Sean of Jester’s Forge. If you havent noticed by his work his specialty is special effects. The talet on these photos is outstanding and if you haven’t already you should like his page! If you are a cosplayer in the Northeastern part of the US you should contact him for photos because damn these are good!

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Robin Cosplay Appreciation Post (Again) – Because He’s That Fucking Awesome

Unless you are new to my site and social media, you should know that Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. I have cosplayed as Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd at different points in my life. Never Damian, because fuck Damian. However I have a special place in my heart for Robin for many reasons, so I continually post pictures both real and comic book related that pertain the Boy Wonder. Here’s a few pics of my boy in cosplay form from different cosplayers that I have encountered...

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Halloween – What Did You Wear? (Some Pics of My Friends)

So what did you wear for Halloween? I pretty much stayed home and watched some old movies, but that was about it. Did you wear anything? Post a pic! Here’s some pics of my friends:

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Halloween – Are You Dressing Up? (NSFW)

There’s different types of guys that love Halloween. Some people like hardcore costumes that require a lot of thought and work. Some like sexy costumes that reveal most of their body. (Cue in the Mean Girls quote). Others just like to go out and do their thing with a minimal of costume apparel. What about you? Are you dressing up?

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Man Crush Monday & Cosplayer Spotlight – Ryan aka KJBodyBuilder

Meet Ryan, aka KJBodyBuilder. He’s somewhat of a beginner cosplayer, but he’s got great talent. He’s currently training for bodybuilding competitions and is already fracking huge! I have followed him online for some time, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting him at DragonCon 2017.

Ryan has his own GayComicGeek costume that he’s owned for a bit, but I was able to convince him to also don the grey/black “Evil” version of the costume as well...

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GayComicGeek Original Costume – Retirement

The GayComicGeek costume had a great run. The original design was drawn made by Rey Arzeno and then sown together by my friend Leman aka Tech_Styles as a gift. I’ve worn it to many conventions and for several photoshoots. It has served its purpose well, but it is time for retirement. This is one of the few costumes that I will not re-purpose and use for parts. I also will not be giving to away to a Patreon member like I do with most of my other costumes. This one I am keeping.
My Patreon site: Pa...

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Robin Cosplay Appreciation Post – Just Because

For no reason whatsoever, except that I love Robin. Here’s some sexy cosplayers that costumed as my favorite hero. Tim Drake is my favorite of the Robins, but the others are still pretty damn awesome (except Damian because he sucks). Pic above is from BlackGayComicGeek,
which I hope we can take some really cool pics coming up in a couple weeks.

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GayComicGeek Patches by Tech_Styles

I just received a couple patches from my buddy Leman aka Tech_Styles. These are pretty cool! He’s great at costume making and has a few different patch designs that he is offering. He also is the one that made my original GayComicGeek costume. Check him out when you get a chance.

His Facebook page:

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 – 10 Super Sexy Male Costumes (Pics Provided by Friends)

Every comic book convention is unique and San Diego Comic Con is like the Superbowl of comic cons. So understandably, there are some super smoking hot guys that attend these cons. I had several friends attend this year and they all took some wonderful pics. Lots of hot geeky guys, and here’s a couple that I saw that I thought look pretty darn sexy!

Levi Miles as Wiccan.

XCeroloboX took this of Rocky and a Spartan

Sexy Blue Ranger by Dan Williams

Jay Acey as Black Panther

Jay also was Black ...

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