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Is This MK Character Gay?

It has come to my attention that not everyone is made aware of this Mortal Kombat character and his very seemingly homosexuality. I am talking about Kano. That is right the guy with the Terminator eye. Since the release of Mortal Kombat 11 he has become a gay icon. I mean just look at him! He is such a leather power bottom!

It also doesn’t help that his moves are named very erotic such as “Kanoball”, “Fist of Power”, “Power Slam”, “Chokehold”, “Boot Slam”, etc...

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MCM: Hottie Ryan Guzman

Have you ever seen a movie and the character just starts dancing and then you daydream of him dancing on you? Just me? OK, well the actor I am talking about is Ryan Guzman from Step It Up All In and the tv show Heroes Reborn. Although we don’t talk about Heroes Reborn. Here are some hot pics of him and some are clearly photoshopped but I can dream can’t I?

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Awesome Artist Highlight!

I want to take a minute to show off this new upcoming artist IDoDoodlesToo (aka Jason Kiss). He did an amazing drawing of our Midnighter and Apollo cosplays; which is downright perfect for Pride Month! If you take a look at his Instagram you can see various pieces he has made of many cosplayers and more. His work consists of cosplayers, drag queens, and sexy drawings. Just take a look for yourself of some of his work! I definitely recommend heading over to his IG supporting him!


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What Do You Guys Think of Body Piercings?

You ever look at a porn or see a shirtless guy with his nipples pierced and think “Damn! That is hot!”? I do. Men with body piercings aren’t new but many more men are getting them along with tattoos. I definitely do not have any issue with this! It is even better when they are hidden under clothes. Like a extra surprise waiting to be unwrapped. Now there are a lot of different types of piercings and I don’t have time to get into them all but I really appreciate a man with them...

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Torrential Speed Edit!

I recently started up my editing again and decided to go about doing a speed edit once a week. This week I did one of the cosplayer Arsenio. You probably know him from various posts on here or on the sexy GayComicGeek’s patreon. This is his Aquaman cosplay and I have to say I think he looks hella guapo in it! I plan on doing more and you will see what other cosplayers I decide to edit along the way...

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Have You Checked Out Jester’s Forge?

I recently had the pleasure of working with this amazing photographer Sean of Jester’s Forge. If you havent noticed by his work his specialty is special effects. The talet on these photos is outstanding and if you haven’t already you should like his page! If you are a cosplayer in the Northeastern part of the US you should contact him for photos because damn these are good!

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Superheroes Defeated – It’s A Growing Fetish (NSFW)

Among the many fetishes I sometimes enjoy, it is no secret that I love seeing me some superheroes defeated. It’s just a thing I can’t explain without delving into my subconscious. Most of these pics are photoshopped, but I really don’t care. They do the trick for me. Enjoy!

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Man Crush Monday – Michael B. Jordan – Erik Killmonger aka Human Torch – Hell’s Yeah!

Who else is psyched about Black Panther this week?! I love Michael B. Jordan and him playing Killmonger is such great casting. We will all just pretend that Jordan was the Human Torch briefly, similarly on how we all forget about Chris Evans (Captain America) playing the Human Torch as well. From everything I have read, this movie looks to be intensely badass. I will do my own review on the movie when I see it this weekend. So in the meantime, here’s some Michael B...

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First Look at Dick Grayson’s Robin Costume in the Upcoming Titan’s Live Action Show – YES!!!

Look, ROBIN! Stop what you’re doing and look at this. YES! Dick Grayson’s first look as the original Boy Wonder, Robin in the upcoming Titans Live Action TV show has been revealed. I like it!!! I know they will eventually evolve his look to be Nightwing, so I am loving that they are starting with his Robin look first. What do you think of it?

Brenton Thwaites will be playing Batman’s original sidekick-turned-full-flesh superhero-leader...

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Man Crush Monday – Lorenzo Flexx – He’s Such a Cute Puppy!!!!

I have such a huge crush on Lorenzo Flexx. I first saw him in a TitanMen movie, Cum Laude, and he had the most adorable smile. That’s all it took. Then I went to stalking him. I also love his ears, and the fact that he’s a puppy…yeah he’s awesome! I follow him on Twitter and I’ve watched several of his scenes from other studios too. Here’s a couple of his pics.

To check out Lorenzo’s Twitter page, go to:

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