You ever look at a porn or see a shirtless guy with his nipples pierced and think “Damn! That is hot!”? I do. Men with body piercings aren’t new but many more men are getting them along with tattoos. I definitely do not have any issue with this! It is even better when they are hidden under clothes. Like a extra surprise waiting to be unwrapped. Now there are a lot of different types of piercings and I don’t have time to get into them all but I really appreciate a man with them. I know they’re not for everyone, or some areas turn others on/off more so than other areas.

Now I do not have any piercings on myself. I am more of a tattoo guy, but I have thought about it. Curious though as I have heard that getting certain areas pierced over others intensifies sex for either the top or bottom. Personally I have never experienced that, but would love to one day! What are your own thoughts?

Anyways here are some sexy men with really hot piercings! Enjoy!

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