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It’s just me. I’m not a cute geek, that would require me to get a better hair style. I’m not a nerdy geek, haha that would require me to be smart. But I’m not the dumbest fish in the barrel either. I’m far from being the top dog, but I can usually see the top from where I’m standing.  I make videos on comic books, movies, toys, and anything that really catches my eye. I can’t do as many videos as I want to do but I do my best. Life sometimes get in the way of enjoying everything but it does for everyone.  So it’s no different for me.  I try not to focus on negatives but they do pop from time to time. I take constructive criticism pretty well, as long as it’s not meant to be a simple insult.  So if changes need to be made, I’m always open. Comment, look around, message me. I’m always welcoming in new people to check out my work or to display their talents. So hit me up if you have the chance. Namaste!

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  1. Dream man This site gives me a total boner. I know this may sound forward, but do you have any nudes or x rated content of yourself online anywhere?

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