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ManCrush Monday – Ross Butler – Eugene from SHAZAM!

Have you seen Ross Butler? He’s been in a few shows including CW’s Riverdale and Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Although my particular favorite is his brief appearance in the SHAZAM movie as Eugene. That sold it for me and I’ve been lusting…following this sexy man’s pics ever since. Here’s a few of his pics.

Check Ross’ his Twitter over at: Twitter.comRossButler
His Instagram:

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Man Crush Monday – Alec Utgoff (Russian Scientist from Stranger Things Season 3)

Besides being such a cute character in season 3 of Stranger Things, Alec Utgoff is such an adorable guy in real life! Have you seen his Twitter and Instagram accounts? His pics are great and I suddenly have a huge crush on him! Here’s a few of his pics.

Check out his Instagram at:
His Twitter Page:

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ManCrush Monday – BravoDelta (NSFW)

Have you met BravoDelta? Sometimes going by BravoDelta9 or currently on his Twitter – Brenda Delta. He’s such a hottie! I’ve lusted after him for years and I feel likes he’s only gotten hotter lately with the growing of his beard. He’s a huge geek and he’s not afraid to admit it either. He’s done some porn but mostly does his own thing on the side for fun. He does not have an OnlyFans site but he’s got an OnlyFRANS site. It adds to his personality and humor, cause I was fooled by it...

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Man Crush Monday – Max Konnor – (NSFW)

Have you met Max Konnor? I was jerking off to a Raging Stallion movie that I did a review on and I could not get this sexy man out of my fantasies. So I figured, I’d tell the world about him! Check out his work, he’s employed by a couple studios and posts lots of vids/gifs/pics on his Twitter page: It helps that’s he’s pretty darn funny on a lot of his posts that make him so much cuter.I love how he can take control over a guy and just manhandle him...

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Wesley Woods – Man Crush Monday (NSFW)

If you are unaware of this, one of my top 5 favorite porn celebrities is Wesley Woods. Unfortunately he and his best friend were attacked in West Hollywood, California this past weekend in a gay hate crime. Wesley posted up info on his social media about the attack and showed his wounds to the world. A couple of cowards attacked him for being who he was.
Woods stated: “I’m not posting this video for sympathy. I’m posting it for awareness...

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Man Crush Monday – Dallas Steele – Oh Yeah Baby! (NSFW)

Have you met adult performer and former TV News Anchor/Reporter, Dallas Steele? I have him followed back in his TitanMen days but slightly stalked him online here and there through his social media as well. His boyfriend is the superman cutie BoySteele aka Taylor, which you just gotta love that nickname. I follow both and just absolutely love seeing them together and sometimes apart with other guys. Dallas himself seems like such a sweetie and is such a fucking hot ass hunk of sexiness...

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ManCrush Monday – Ewan McGregor – Obi Wan Kenobi and Christopher Robin

What role do you know Ewan McGregor from the best? I personally fell in love with him during Trainspotting but his role as the younger Obi Wan Kenobi is what really got my heart swooning after him. He captures his roles and does such a magnificent performance that I’m always in awe watching him. Whether he’s playing a Jedi Master or just simply the voice of Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, I love this man. It helps that he’s aged incredibly well and is still a superman hottie...

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ManCrush Monday – Ludi Lin – The Black Power Ranger

I was re-watching the underrated Power Rangers 2017 movie and realizing how much of a crush I have on the Black Power Ranger, Ludi Lin. Damn, he’s smoking hot. I’ve seen pics of him and his body and I feel like he’s basically waiting to be signed up to a gay porn company. Maybe a stripper? I’d pay for a lap dance from him without thinking twice! Here’s some hot pics of him from his social media sites. Enjoy!

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Man Crush Monday – Michael Fassbender aka Magneto (NSFW)

I have a thing for Michael Fassbender. Granted I did not pay a lot of attention to him in his earlier movies like when he played the chiseled Stelios in the Spartan movie – 300, but I loved him later in his career with Inglorious Bastards and later Eric Lehnsherr aka Magento. I may have had a couple sex dreams with him in the past…in a Magneto cosplay. Here’s some of his works in the past.

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Man Crush Monday – Pierce Paris aka Pierce Hartman (NSFW)

Adult film/scene model Pierce Paris who used to go under the performer name name Pierce Hartman is my Man Crush Monday. I have followed him for a little bit in many different series. Besides being super fucking sexy and a great performer in his scenes, he seems like a genuinely a nice guy too.

He recently filmed a couple scenes as a superhero/villain at ManUpBitches that just totally made me blow my own load...

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