Man Crush Monday – Ethan Axel Andrews – UCW Wrestling Stud

Have you met my buddy Axel? Sometimes goes by Ethan, but damn this stud is awesome! I had the pleasure to run into him a couple years back and then found him again recently through some common friends. He’s not that much into cosplaying, but he’s working on it for future comic con events. He is a wrestler and manager over at UCW and also at his matches are fantastic! I was able to get some private pictures with him over the holidays for some Santa vs. Krampus pics, which I think came out great. I hope to get him in front of the camera with either or both of his boyfriends. Yes he is in a thruple and the 3 of them are so adorable together. I may do future posts on them alone.

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I also have a lot more private pics I took with Axel over at my Patreon site: