Have you Seen the New Black Ranger? – DAMN! Is he a Stripper?

NEW Black Ranger

Everyone is going on about the actor that was cast to play the Red Ranger, and the Blue Ranger for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, but have you seen who was cast to play the Black Ranger? Actor/Model/Martial Artist – Ludi Lin has been cast and all I can say is, SPLOOSH! Wow! Never heard of this guy before now, but damn, this guy is hella hot! Check out some of his pics.

Black Ranger 2Black Ranger 4Black Ranger 5Black Ranger 6Black Ranger 7Black Ranger 9Black Ranger 10

The Blue Ranger will be played by RJ Cyler, the Pink Ranger will be played by Naomi Scott, and the Red Ranger will be played by Dacre Montgomery. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie will debut in 2017. So far, no casting news for the Yellow Ranger or if the Green Ranger will be cast.

Power Ranger Cast