Wonder Woman – Getting Great Reviews! Here’s Some Male Wonder Men Cosplayers


Early reviews seem to be saying that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2 is great. That makes me so happy! Although I rarely listen to early critics anyway, it still is nice to hear good things about it. So I’m excited to see it...

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American Horror Story: Murder House — Rubber Man Review

Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at: https://www.patreon.com/cartoonchatterbox/creators

In which Creepy’s suffering resumes, and more Gimp Ninja rape.  Yay….. (not really)

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And check out...

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Black Lightning – CW’s First Trailer is Out!

The new CW superhero show will debut in mid-season this year. Unfortunately CW chief Mark Pedowitz that stated upfront that Black Lightning does not take place in the Arrowverse. That sucks! But luckily, I’m a firm believer in a shared Multiverse...

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Rebirth – The Button Conclusion, The Return of Gambit and The Phoenix Battles Thor – Comic Book Day – 5/17/2017

It’s comic book day! Some really good ones have come out this week.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 – Flashbacks to explain what has happened in the alternate timeline with an evil Tommy taking over.
Superman #23 – More mysteries as Lois is captu...

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Star Trek: Discovery – First Trailer!

I’m not the hugest of Star Trek fans but I am still a fan nonetheless. I get more and more psyched about it with more information being given online. The first trailer came out and I do have to say that it looks well done...

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Openly Gay Pennsylvania House Rep – Brian Sims – Woof!!!

I know it is superficial of me and that any progressive politician should be admired, but I can not help but being attracted to Brian Sims. I just discovered him by accident today...

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Tung Lashor – Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Toy Figure Review

It’s Tung Lashor from the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline from MattyCollector. He is part of the Snake Men and one of the more unique out of the figures since he’s much different from most of the other Snake Men.

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Ever Have Your Junk Locked in Chastity? (NSFW)


Just curious. The device above was sent to me by one of you and my record is 5 days. I was about to explode after that. Although it was completely self imposed, it was kinda fun but also a bit frustrating...

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Lost Fantasy Hero v. Zahn – Class Comics/IcemanBlue Comic Book Crossover – Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

The Son of Winter, Zahn from Class Comics meets the Lost Fantasy Hero over from IcemanBlue’s comic book universe. This is great, as we have a comic book crossover that does not happen anywhere near enough...

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Guardians…Orgasms of the Galaxy – The Dildo Collection!

I fucking love the GeekySexToys.com site! They have a new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line that features some interesting dildos/vibrators/plugs for everyone out there. I want that Randy Racoon tail plug...

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