Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 – UNCUT Review from (NSFW)

We finally get the 3rd part to the Star Trek Gay XXX Parody with Mr. Sulu played by Henier Lo. This is a parody series from that is taking its sweet time being released. We have Rod Pederson returning back as Capt...

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Exodus #1 – Euribatos the Tenebrous – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Set on the world of Nexus and its surrounding moons, Exodus is the story of gods, monsters and humans. Euribatos is a warrior for King Dargos. He is also a badass fighter...

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Game of Thrones – Forgot Something? Luckily They Made a Recap Video!

If you are like me and forgot anything in the last 6 seasons of Game of Thrones, then luckily there is a recap video that was made specifically for us. Damn, I this season looks like it’ll be epic.

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Drae Axtell Rides Lucas Fox’s Raw Cock (NSFW)


Lucas Entertainment Preview: Drae Axtell has met his match with Lucas Fox, a stunningly handsome Latin man that matches Drae’s own good looks...

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Anne Rice is Developing a Vampire Chronicles TV Series – Who Would You Cast as Lestat?

I had no idea that a series was really being made. That is great news! I’m not a huge vampire fan myself, I’m more of a werewolf guy, but I do love a couple of the books. I had heard rumors but recently I saw one of Anne Rice’s Facebook posts:


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Defenders Poster and Punisher Poster Revealed On Entertainment Weekly

I can’t wait for the Punisher solo series and the Defenders series from Netflix. No new info has been released yet, but both series are coming soon! The Defenders will air on Netflix on Aug. 18, 2017. Punisher has no set date as of yet...

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The Batman Retrospective — Joker’s Favor

Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at:

In which payback is a bitch, but Harley Quinn is surprisingly docile.

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Superman Family vs. The Anti-Superman Family, Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked and More – Comic Book Day 7/12/2017

It’s comic book day! A couple good ones made the list this week.

In Action Comics #983 – A blind Superman gets help from all the other S-Shield wearing good guys. Their opponents – Zod and S-Shield wearing bad guys. And Metallo and Blanque.
Darth ...

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New Black Panther Pics from Entertainment Weekly – I Can’t Wait!

Entertainment Weekly has some new Black Panther pics. I have no idea what the movie is about yet but I am excited as hell to see it. Everything has been shown up to this point appear to be doing the movie justice...

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Who Else is a Cuddler? (Be Prepared, Adorable Picture Gallery Ahead)

I would cuddle the fuck out of you! Figuratively…although sometimes literally too. I’m a cuddler. I admit it and I love it. I know it’s not a popular idea, but sometimes I would love to just lay in bed and ACTUALLY do the real Netflix and Chill th...

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