There may be lots of Dragon Con happiness in this video. Beware to see lots of positive happiness between lots of people. It’s one of the best cosplayer cons in the world and I would never pass a chance up to share this experience with my friends and bestest buddies, ever!

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I saw it last night and fracking hell. It was great and it literally made me so creeped out. This is a great movie. I’ve heard almost universally positive reviews with a few exceptions. Some thought it was ‘Meh’ and others said that it was predictable. But it’s a book. I kinda figured it’d be predictable in some aspects. I personally loved it and I may see it again. Did you see it?

This is a bit of a funny video, so do not take it that seriously. But still worth it just to see Tyler go through some responses. Description: What does BDSM stand for? Why is Pup Amp sitting down? Find out this week on WattsTheSafeword

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What would be a good name for an archenemy for the GayComicCorps? The nemesis is gay himself and has more like an Xavier vs. Magneto relationship to the Corp. This is not an Anti-Gay man and he is not a self hating closeted character at all. Both sides want equality for the LGBT community. But both sides use different means to achieve this goal. What do you think would be a good name?

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Whoa, this is a badass issue! Bobby has finally came out to his parents but also has to deal with Juggernaut wreaking havoc. This is a great issue in this ongoing series and I have to say that I am loving Bobby Drake’s story. Sina Grace is the writer and Alessandro Vitti is the artist for this issue.

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I want to introduce you to my good friend Jay Foxworthy. Jay, along with his husband Bryan and two kids Daniel and Selena are the Leffews of the Gay Family Values YouTube channel. Jay’s family and I have been friends and collab mates as a part of YouTube’s community of gay voices. As a GFV viewer, and as a friend, I know that Jay cares about equality and protecting those who do not have a voice. It is Jay’s heart, conviction, and willingness to be an open book that is one of the many reasons I kept watching.

That’s why I am excited that Jay is running for Sheriff in Sonoma County California. If elected, Jay would be the first out gay man to serve as Sheriff anywhere in the United States! Jay has a personal sense of obligation to make changes where and when he can. He has mentored many LGBTQI young people all over the world and fought for marriage equality. I know that Jay, if elected Sheriff, will bring the same heart and courage to his office that he has brought to Gay Family Values all these years. Let’s help Jay become the first openly gay male Sheriff in America by donating to his campaign.

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It’s comic book day! Darth Vader has a mental crisis after he tries to make his newly found Kyber Crystal bleed. Superman with Parallax take on Sinestro. We get the first issue to the Venomverse story and more on this week’s comic load.

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