Disturbed – Bromo UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

What would you do if you saw a guy jerking off over you while you’d sleep? You’d probably freak out. But in the fantasy world of porn from Bromo.com, things never go that way. In fact you usually end up fucking the guy doing it.

To see this scene,...

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Power Ranger Hunks – Who Else is Ready for Next Week’s Premiere?

Anyone else ready to see the Power Rangers movie next week? Despite the criticism I’m reading online about this alternate reality and how it is being portrayed, I’m excited. Also, I’ve posted about this once before, but damn these guys look good...

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Batwoman #1, Eddie Brock Returns to Venom & More – Comic Load 3/15/2017

It’s Comic Book Day!
Batwoman #1 – Very noir feel to this back story involving Batwoman’s past and a solid opening for her new ongoing series.
Superman #19 – Mr...

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Guaranteed Deposit – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Denis Vega shows Billy Santoro a new condo in this new Men at Play scene. And damn, Denis really works hard for that deposit…get it? It’s a double entendre. Whatever, it’s a fucking hot scene!
To see this scene, go to MenAtPlay.com

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The Legacy #1 – Naked Justice & Space Cadet – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Naked Justice and Space Cadet team up in this new

Gaaays in Spaaace! NYC Event on 3/21/2017 – Costume Contest

There will be a costume contest at the Gaaays in Spaaace event on 3/21/2017 at Hardware Bar. Also, I’ll be one of the judges along with Nana Visitor and Paige Turner. I’ve never judged a costume contest before, so this should be a lot of fun...

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Male Geeky Underwear – The Next Edition! Do You Have Any? (NSFW)

I had a rough weekend. Guys in geeky/superhero underwear always make me feel better. Do you have any? I’ve posted before and some of you guys have submitted your pics, so I hope to see more of them. Any geeky genre will work...

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Wonder Warrior/Boy Costume – It Is Being Done!

In honor of the new Wonder Woman movie and me being a total fanboy, I’m finally doing a full on Wonder Warrior/Boy costume. More pics to come. I’ve posted uncropped pics on my Patreon site already. It is quite awesome!

To see the pics, go to: Patr...

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Wonder Woman Trailer #3 – I Love it!

I love this and I can’t wait to see this! This looks pretty badass. Although honestly I was convinced about Wonder Woman’s first movie – Batman v. Superman. I mean that was just an introductory movie for Wonder Woman in my opinion anyway...

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Who is Your Favorite Ranger? Need a Power Ranger Butt Plug? GeekySexToys Have Them!

I love the GeekySexToys Etsy shop! I visit regularly just to see what their new products. They have a variety of toys for the geeks out there to have fun with...

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