There’s not a lot of Christmas porn out there. Lucas Entertainment does seem to rectify that each year though. This time we have Tomas Brand and Klim Gromov in a Santa/Elf scenario. Both are fucking hot and they make a great couple in this festive scene. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the attached video.

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This scene stars: Tomas Brand and Klim Gromov


Lucas Entertainment Christmas Preview: If Santa Claus looked like the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, and all of his elves looked like the strikingly handsome muscle twink, Klim Gromov, then I think every gay man on earth would continue to believe in them both! Santa Tomas’ special helper is Elf Klim, and he knows what Santa wants. Tomas loves his guys young and ready to take his raw dick, and Klim isn’t someone to deny Tomas his needs. When Santa Tomas is ready, Klim bends over to show off his perfect little hole; it’s so tight Tomas has to squeeze inside it like a chimney, and it takes a little while judging by Klim’s face. But once he’s in Tomas doesn’t stop fucking until he shoots his load!
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I used to get an ugly Christmas sweater every year from my grandmother. They were horrible, but I would wear them out of respect. Later I found out that there were ugly Christmas Sweater Parties people held and that it has become a huge joke. Do you have one that you love to wear? It doesn’t have to be ugly, I’m just curious.

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Santa Sleigh

On my quest to find different gay porns that venture out to other realms that does not include the traditional gym scene or straight bait porns, I went looking to see what good Christmas porns exist. Surprisingly very few are out there. It is somewhat surprising that another genre of porn lays nearly untapped among the industry. There is a wealth of different ideas that can spring to the porn universe that many companies seem to be afraid to go forth with.


I found that we do get a couple scenes here and there that encompass a man in a red suit with a fake beard. But most of these guys are younger and do not have the body type to exemplify Jolly St. Nick. This is perplexing since we have lots of gay porn entertainers that would perfectly fit the mold of Santa.

Jesse 2

For example, just look at Jesse Jackman above. He’s fucking huge and just needs to grow his beard out for about a month and he would have a great Santa look to him. He is just one example, but one of my favorite performers out there, so he would be my top pick. Many guys could fit the mold and break the traditional Santa stories out there with a badass muscle daddy that is just waiting to pound the first good boy that comes his way.


And let’s not forget that a Santa Claus porn does not just have to just be Santa visiting good guys on Christmas. The story could be centered around a particular guy that wants a perfect sex gift that the Elves have to figure out. The Elves and the human Reindeer would be the main focus of the story in how they discover the true meaning behind a dildo/cockring/vibrator/fucking machine (name a sex device). In fact, they probably would be the vast majority of the movie. Different scenes could entail the human Reindeer partaking in different adventures while the Elves have their own visits and research with each other to test the new gift. Santa could be the finisher with him delivering the toy with a great old splacking from the jolly man himself. And Santa should be a cigar smoking, leather pants wearing Santa. Just saying. Maybe that’s just my fantasy. Seriously, I should write porn stories. You should hear my Krampus story idea. TitanMen would probably love that.

Santa 3

I know there is a stigma that Santa should be off limits to porn standards. But that’s ridiculous. Why not have Santa in porn? Everything else is in porn. What do you think? Should a porn studio make a major gay porn flick? Or am I completely crazy?

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