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Crisis on Earth X – 1st Half – Review – Supergirl/Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (SPOILERS)

WHOA!!! This was so fracking epic! I loved the first half to this 4 part crossover. Check out my thoughts on the first half of the Crisis on Earth X story. I will be doing a review for part 3 and 4 coming soon!

I hate Nazis.

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DC TV Crossover 2017: Crisis on Earth X Starts Today!

I’m stoked about this. I know that these episodes don’t have anywhere near the budget as the DC movies. Still though, seeing most characters of the DC tv shows set in the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow in a huge epic crossover is something I’m always in favor of seeing. I’m not the biggest fan of Legends of Tomorrow, but I am big enough of a fan to want to see their characters fighting along side the rest of the heroes. It’s the fanboy in me. I love team ups...

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First Look at The Ray (Russell Tovey) – Crisis On Earth – X: The 4 Part DC TV Crossover


This four part crossover looks to be epic on many scales. One thing that I was personally looking forward to see was gay actor and SUPERMAN cutie, Russell Tovey play gay superhero, Raymond Terrell aka THE Ray. No full body shot yet, but we see him with his uniform and with and without his helmet. We also see him wearing Nazi concentration camp clothing with an upside down Pink Triangle. That is very powerful to see in a superhero tv show...

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