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What is a Good Name for the Nemesis to the GayComicCorps? He is NOT AN ANTI-Gay Character

What would be a good name for an archenemy for the GayComicCorps? The nemesis is gay himself and has more like an Xavier vs. Magneto relationship to the Corp. This is not an Anti-Gay man and he is not a self hating closeted character at all. Both sides want equality for the LGBT community. But both sides use different means to achieve this goal. What do you think would be a good name?

Pic below was provided by: Facebook.com/BadgerStudios

My Patreon site: Patreon.com/GayComicGeek

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More Contest Submissions!

Darren Dozier drew these two surreal looking pics:

Darren Dozier 2

Darren Dozier

Devon Chenoweth submitted these:



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New GayComicGeek Drawing by Choklit Daddy – Me in my Robin underwear basically

A cool ass dude, Choklit Daddy (Love his name!), just drew a pic of me that’s based off a pic of me when I was running around drunk in my Robin Underwear. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me. Not sweet like nice and cuddly, but Sweet like SA-WEET! What do you guys think of it?

Check out his blog at: www.ChoklitDaddyssketchbook.blogspot.com

Or his Deviant art site at: www.choklitdaddy.deviantart.com/

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New GCG Drawing – Thanks JediExileDJ!

My buddy DeGorian made this image of the GCG Character. It’s based off of Patrick Fillion’s original contest bare naked character of me. I prefer the naked XXX versions of this, but this is also really hot! Thanks so much for sending to me dude!

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Tug Harder #1-3

Tug Harder by Butch McLogic. To get this comic, go to Classcomics.com. You can see McLogic’s other work at ButchMcLogic.com.

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The Arrow – Men.Com Gay Parody Review (Unfiltered)

Here’s my unedited video for The Arrow. To see the clip, go to Men.Com or click on the adds on the side. Let me know what you think!

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