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Hero Hotties Photography – Cyclops and Cable Pictures (Past Katsucon)

Hey check out these cosplay pics from years past by the photographer Marvin – Hero Hotties took these pics at Katsucon a couple years ago of me as Cyclops and my friend Dan as Cable. Funny enough, this coming weekend is this year’s Katsucon and Dan and myself will be wearing new versions of these costumes but our characters will be reversed. Stay tuned to those pictures!

Check out Marvin’s other cosplay pictures, which I must say are so impressive. His Facebook page is located: Facebook...

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Hot Male Nerdy Guys with Glasses – The NEXT Edition

Glasses Guy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some hot nerdy guys in glasses. Granted, most of these guys don’t look nerdy, but the glasses still give me those extra boner points regardless. So I like them regardless of their social standings. They’re just hot!

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Couple Costume Hotties (including Adventure Time dude I’ve met a couple Times)

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