What do you think of the new Red Robin costume?


What do you think of his new costume? I am a bit conflicted because it does look like old-school Tim Drake. Unfortunately it also looks like he is regressing in status. Like he is going back in training and looks like a younger more inexperienced version of himself. It also adds to the idea that the only comic book he will be showing up in will be Detective Comics. At one point Tim held his own title for years while simultaneously leading the Teen Titans and appearing in Batman comics. He took some breaks here and there from a title but it is unsettling to think that his character would only be a supporting character in a Batman comic where now he is going back into training.


As for his costume, if anything I would think that his costume after the “one year later” time point would be much more feasible and make more sense. Maybe that’s just me. It also would go with his whole name RED Robin. He did have this costume in the New 52 universe as evidenced by flashbacks, past pictures, and Kid Flash stealing one of Tim’s costumes.


Regardless his new costume definitely looks way better than the winged costume from the New 52. God I hated those wings. What do you think? Is this good or bad?


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2 comments to What do you think of the new Red Robin costume?

  • M Scott Anderson  says:

    I feel like it’s better than the pre-new52 red robin costume with the cowl but not as good as the pre-new52 red robin costume without the cowl.

  • Mike  says:

    I’m mixed about it. I liked the wings from his New 52 costume. It made him unique from the other Robins. I like his new costume but I agree that it should be red & black. It looks like they just stuck him in there because there was nowhere else for him (thanks to Damian). I hope he’s in Detective Comics to hone his detective skills.

What are your thoughts?