Most Epic Power Ranger Morphin Ever

I’m a big Power Ranger/Super Sentai fan, and my buddy Rich has spent some time getting all of us to pose with a previous Super Sentai series morpher. Here’s the finished result. Is this not fucking cool as all hell?!
Oh yeah, here’s the break down from left to right:

Me- as Zeo Gold

Soni – As Power Ranger Space Pink

Tony- As SPD Emergency Red

Austin- As Mighty Morphin Black

Teri- As GoKaiger Yellow

Richard- As GekiRanger White

Gillian- As Go-buster Green

Brian- As Gosei Blue

2 thoughts on “Epic Power Ranger/Super Sentai Pose!

  1. Kind of reminds me of the lantern spectrum.

    You guys really know how to make geeky hot!

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