Anyone Else Like to Be Spanked…uh…I Mean Does Anyone Get Into Spanking?

Spank Arrow

The picture above may be photoshopped. Does anyone get into spanking? I will admit that I like to give almost as much as receiving. Not hardcore spanking where the guy’s ass is all black and blue. To me that’s too far cause then you can’t continue on doing other stuff. Well, most people cannot continue on doing other stuff. Some encourage and want more. I usually cannot stand objects to be used such as a whip or a paddle. My ass can’t take that as at all. But some bare hand slaps are pretty damn nice. I hated it as a kid and lived in fear that my dad was going to lay into me for the many things I thought I’d get away with. Strange how tastes change when you become an adult. What about you? Do you like it or do you cringe at spankings?