Have you seen this GayComicGeek art by ArtofRican? I think I just found my GayComicGeek 3.0 costume! I can make that harness with ease. I think this guy is a fracking badass! He even made a slightly NSFW version of this picture, which I’m posting below too.

Check out his work over at Tumblr: Artofrican.tumblr.com/
His Instagram site: Instagram.com/ArtofRican

Chayne Avery, the artist for the comic book Boy Meets Hero and the Cute Guys Coloring book made a GayComicGeek image! I’m always a fan of those. I personally think a new addition to the Boy Meets Hero comic should be made, but that’s just my personal opinion. Avery has a very cute style of art that adds a bit of sexiness to his work. He has lots more images in his coloring books and past comic pieces.

Check out their Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/BoyMeetsHero or you can email them directly at: ChayRussArt@gmail.com

Recently I showed off my new tiara for my upcoming Wonder Boy costume. I’m using Queen Hippolyta’s crown. Awesome and super sexy artist Anthgonz1 decided to show off how I’d look shirtless and totally naked. FUCK YES! Thank you dude! I love both concepts.

Check out Anthgonz1’s Instagram at: Instagram.com/Anthgonz1

I always have to promote any artist that takes the time to draw my GayComicGeek character and David Cantero did totally sweet job of this. You may remember David from the comic book review I did yesterday on Class Comics’The BriGAYde #1 comic book review I did yesterday. Awesome artist and I’m especially loving the bulginess he did with my GCG persona. David a total hottie too, he’s pictured below.

Check out David’s work on his website: DavidCantero.com

You guys are the best! Some very talented artists out there made some new GayComicGeek images. I got two different pieces of fanart this past week. The first one above was by TJ Flanagan Works. I need to dress like that more often. I think he did the bulginess so is so nice!

Check out his Facebook fan page here: Facebook.com/TJFlanaganWorks

Second one (above) was by Nick Prentoski. Which that image was based on one of the professional pictures that was taken a couple months back by HNSImagery. Incredible work!

Check Nick’s Instagram page out at: Nick Prentoski. Which that image was based on one of the professional pictures that was taken a couple months back by HNSImagery. Incredible work!

Check out Nick’s Instagram page at: Instagram.com/NPrentoski

Thank you both of you guys, you both rock!


Thank you Steve Keenell for making this GayComicGeek piece. Even more kudos for the bulge appreciation! I don’t know if that’s a real fetish, but I have that love for a man’s bulge more than anything else.

Check out Steve’s art at his Tumblr site over at: SteveKeenell.tumblr.com/

Also, an unnamed artist to who has requested to not have his name tagged, did these incredible pieces above. I’ve posted a couple on my Instagram page. I also have a thing about heroes being beaten and sexually humiliated a bit. I love my own GayComicGeek character, but I also love seeing him being beaten and having all sorts of sexually explicit stuff being done to him. Funny, I’m the same way with Robin. Anyways, enjoy!


And the last pic is a bit more ‘teethy’ than I’d like, but I still appreciate it! I’d have encouraged much more penetration and humiliation in these, but this is still incredible and I love it.

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GayComicGeek Gagged by KingBazthefirst Cut

This GayComicGeek art was drawn by KingBazzTheFirst! He allowed me to show this on my site. Awesome dude! I love the ball gag…which may or may not be a picture I’ve taken and posted on another site that will remain nameless.

Check out his Tumblr site at:KingBazTheFirst.Tumblr.com

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GayComicGeek Gagged by KingBazthefirst

Striped Hare James Newland

I’m always encouraging of comic style drawings to be done by all artists. And my ego especially encourages this if it’s showing my GayComicGeek character. And I know this makes me sound like a total perv (I review porn, so no surprise), but I love seeing my character being sexual. Whether he’s being sexually violated by thugs, villains, or a tentacle monster (I do have a tentacle fetish), I encourage it! In fact I prefer to see my character being sexually humiliated more than anything else. I cannot explain why, I just love seeing it. The piece above was done by James Newland and his Tumblr site is: StripedHare.Tumblr.com. Check him out when you get a chance!

Danny Gomez Gay Comic Geek and Tentacles

This drawing above was done by Danny Gomez. He does not have a Tumblr or Deviant Art site that I can find, but I definitely want to give him a shout out. Thank you for making this dude! I have a huge tentacle fetish, I never hide that. I love seeing tentacle stuff, but rarely do I see any gay animation with it. So sad that only women get to be tentacle loved.

GayComicGeek Carlos Cruz

This pic above was done by Carlos Cruz. GayComicGeek captured by thugs and forced to be sexually serviced. I have no problem with this. Thanks a lot and I know the photoshopping coloring had to take a while to do. You’re awesome!

If you have any art of the GayComicGeek character, please let me know. You can email me at GayComicGeek@hotmail.com, or you can simply submit it here. I am posting a submission form at the end of this post. Make sure you let me know if you have site you want advertised or a profile you have that you want me to promote. I will definitely make sure to post up links to it.

genelightfoot - Gay Comic Geek and Hulk

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Recently I posted a drawing by the talented artist Devon Chenoweth of a Robin costume that was slightly more revealing in a leather harness. I made a point of saying that this costume will be made (it’s almost done). But after this was posted, another artist- Instagram.com/Anthgonz1, made another one that depicts me as the character. Obviously I have to repost this. He totally nailed my tats perfectly! I especially like his naked version below. I’m hoping he’ll do more dirtier XXX versions in the future.

Original piece by Devon and check out his Deviant Art site at Echelonangel15.deviant.com:


Check out Anthgonz1’s work and his Instagram site at: Instagram.com/Anthgonz1



I was surprised today with this fanart by Animas-Animus. Thank you Matthias! Pretty good and I always encourage dirty nasty drawings like this. They very hot. I don’t know if it’s just that I like pervy stuff or if I just like seeing my GayComicGeek character in dirty sexual situations. Regardless, I’m a fan! Check out his Tumblr site over at: Animas-Animus.Tumblr.com