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Art by Anthgonz1 – GayComicGeek Wonder Boy Concept – NSFW Alternate Version

Recently I showed off my new tiara for my upcoming Wonder Boy costume. I’m using Queen Hippolyta’s crown. Awesome and super sexy artist Anthgonz1 decided to show off how I’d look shirtless and totally naked...

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GayComicGeek Art – By Artist David Cantero

I always have to promote any artist that takes the time to draw my GayComicGeek character and David Cantero did totally sweet job of this. You may remember David from the comic book review I did yesterday on Class Comics’The BriGAYde #1 comic b...

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GayComicGeek Fanart by TJ Flanagan and Nick Prentoski

You guys are the best! Some very talented artists out there made some new GayComicGeek images. I got two different pieces of fanart this past week. The first one above was by TJ Flanagan Works. I need to dress like that more often...

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GayComicGeek Art – by Steve Keenell and a Mystery Artist (NSFW)


Thank you Steve Keenell for making this GayComicGeek piece. Even more kudos for the bulge appreciation! I don’t know if that’s a real fetish, but I have that love for a man’s bulge more than anything else.

Check out Steve’s art at his Tumblr site...

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GayComicGeek – Gagged by KingBazzTheFirst (ART- NSFW)

GayComicGeek Gagged by KingBazthefirst Cut

This GayComicGeek art was drawn by KingBazzTheFirst! He allowed me to show this on my site. Awesome dude! I love the ball gag…which may or may not be a picture I’ve taken and posted on another site that will remain nameless.

Check out his Tumblr s...

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GayComicGeek FanArt – A Couple New Additions (NSFW)

Striped Hare James Newland

I’m always encouraging of comic style drawings to be done by all artists. And my ego especially encourages this if it’s showing my GayComicGeek character...

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GayComicGeek Robin Leather Costume Art Piece by Anthgonz1 (NSFW)


Recently I posted a drawing by the talented artist Devon Chenoweth of a Robin costume that was slightly more revealing in a leather harness. I made a point of saying that this costume will be made (it’s almost done)...

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GayComicGeek – Facial FanArt by


I was surprised today with this fanart by Animas-Animus. Thank you Matthias! Pretty good and I always encourage dirty nasty drawings like this. They very hot...

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The GayComicGeek Nemesis – Silver Shark – Art by Pumba

Silver Shark 1
My buddy artist who happens to be a badass cosplayer himself and a SUPERMAN cutie, Pumba, has created a new piece of artwork to go along with my GayComicGeek character. In fact, he’s created a supervillain to sexually violate fight with the GayComi...

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GayComicGeek Corp- This Should be a Future PhotoShoot – Devon Chenoweth Art


Devon Chenoweth has made multiple covers to fake comic books starring GayComicGeek characters. Some are pretty awesome! I’d actually kinda like to see a female GayComicGeek member of the corp. I know there’s a GayComicGirl out there...

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