With the Marvel Universe completely revamping and changing everything up, I figure I’ll do a video review on each of their issues. I did a review on issue #1, here’s my thoughts on issue #3

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This is the first look of the new Justice League – Gods and Monsters – animated movie coming out later this year. Wow, this movie is not your typical Justice League movie. Just watch this fight between Batman and Harley Quinn to see for yourself.


I love the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series! The movies were badass but I also watched the Cartoon Network series too. Now we get a Netflix series too? I’m totally stoked! Looks like an Ice Dragon species is being introduced. Here’s a preview that Netflix put up.

Superman hottie and geeky pornstar- Tyler Rush aka Amp and his equally hot buddy- Bolt show viewers how to tie rope in this instructional video on YouTube.

Check out their introduction vid: