Spirit of Hordak – Masters of the Universe Classics Chase Toy Figure Review

Spirit of Hordak Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Figure Review.Movie_Snapshot

The Spirit of Hordak has come and gone on MattyCollector several times. He is currently out of stock, but he could return at some point down the line. He was a chase figure, but he was not too difficult to find when he was around. His bio reads:

While trapped in the dark dimension of Despondos™, Hordak® discovered the power to project his spirit back to Eternia®. In this form, he made contact with the banished Prince Keldor™. Though dark magic and manipulation, Hordak® was able to entice Keldor™ to forsake his birthright and become an Overlord of Evil™. He taught Keldor™ the ways of black magic and eventually, in return for Keldor’s promise to release him from Despondos™, saved Keldor’s life by merging him with a powerful demon. In his Spirit form, Hordak® projects his essence to Eternia®, turning Keldor™ to the side of evil.

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