Nelsan Ellis aka Lafayette from True Blood Passed Away at 39 – What the Fuck?!

This is so depressing. Lafayette Reynolds was my favorite character on True Blood and Nelsan Ellis played him so well. I feel like he had the best lines in the show. He not only was a gay black male, but he had the guts to stand up to bigots/homophobes while still maintaining his badass persona. He was my favorite character on the show and I always wanted him to have more screen time. He apparently passed away from heart complications that resulted in heart failure. Nelsan was also on the shows cast in a small role on The Help. He also had screen time on “Get On Up,” and “The Butler.” These are just a few spots on his biography. He does have a son named Breon. I hope his passing was not painful and I hope his son gets to see the wonderful work that his father made.