OFFICIAL Deadpool Trailer is out!

Is that Colossus with him? What the hell is he doing there? Of all the X-Men, I figured Wolverine or Cable would be with him. Although I know it would be impossible to have Cable in the trailer. I am so fucking stoked for this movie. Damn, I was kinda hoping that I wouldn’t like it.

Green Lantern Sucked

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  • Avatar TherealJack  says:

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I think the reason colossus is there is because a group of xmen will appear. There is one call Negasonic Teenage Warhead. In this link you can see her wearing her xmen uniform in the movie They should have brought Cable in a cameo and then introduce him fully on Xmen Apocalypse.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    Now, was this REALLY so hard to do? Fox, huh? Was this really so complicated?

    (Thanks, Paul btw! And yeah, I’m excited too! 😛 )

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