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Deadpool 2 Final Trailer – Shatterstar Baby!

Have you seen the Deadpool 2 final trailer? We only see see actor Lewis Tan in the role of the Bisexual & Polyamorous Shatterstar for a few seconds, but it was worth it. Granted, the red wig is odd to see in real life, but lots of comic book drawn characteristics never translate well for the cinematic universe. I cosplayed as Shatterstar once at a convention, however I used a more orang-ish wig for Shatterstar’s look. Tan’s version is much more red. I can’t wait to see this movie...

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Deadpool 2 Trailer – Yes, ANOTHER One – I’m Wet Watching This!

FUCK YES! I’ve watched this three times. I still cannot tell if Shatterstar is in there or not, but I am hoping yes. This looks so badass. I know I’m joining the hype train, but I love Deadpool. I didn’t at first and people who cosplay as him are everywhere, but I love him. This trailer totally got me excited. What did you think?

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Deadpool 2 Trailer – Meet Cable Baby!!!

It’s the Deadpool 2 movie, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Josh Brolin as Cable. Oh fuck yeah! Oh jizzed in my pants watching this. It’s so cool. Check it out. It showed very little but at the same time, it showed a lot too. What did you think of it?

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Deadpool 2 – Teaser Trailer…Kinda…

This shows basically nothing, but still gets Deadpool fans stoked up. So that’s a good thing. I’m not even a hardcore Deadpool guy, but this still gets me going. Check it out.

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Mancrush Monday – Deadpool…I Mean Ryan Reynolds!

I have no idea how it happened, but the Amityville Horror remake was on my watchlist last night and I saw Ryan Reynolds playing the father. The movie was ‘Meh,’ but he was shirtless a lot in it. So that was nice. I decided to watch Deadpool (for the 15th time) afterwards and started to appreciate Ryan’s acting skills and his awesomeness all around. So he’s my Mancrush right now. There’s a couple fakes in the mix below. I really wish Deadpool could be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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I want to See this Spider-Man/Deadpool Team Up SOOO BAD!

Deadpool and Spidey

Despite what fans every audiences are very much willing to stake their lives on, there still is no sign of Spider-Man in the Captain America: Civil War movie. That does not mean that he will not be in it. It just means that Marvel has done an excellent job at keeping his appearance secret up to this point. Which many people, myself included, are thankful. I want an element of surprise to happen...

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Deadpool and Nightwing and Venom…WHOA!

Deadpool and Venom

Whoa! You may have remember the video that has Deadpool hooking up with a random guy in a bathroom. Well, that same animator has done many animations. His name is Killy Stein. He posts up lots of updates on his Tumblr site. Including this video below where Deadpool is not only face fucking Nightwing, but somehow is take by Venom (another one of my particular favorite characters). And Venom starts to fuck him in turn. I love it! Check it out below.

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Deadpool Movie Review – Non-Spoiler and Spoiler Review

Deadpool (2).Movie_Snapshot

Deadpool was pretty fracking awesome! You should watch this movie. Ryan Reynolds was great and the movie itself was great. Here’s my non-spoiler and spoiler movie review.

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Deadpool – A Sexy Beast!

Tyler Rush Deadpool 3

Deadpool’s sexuality is omnisexual. Meaning he has no preference at all and switches with the moment he is currently in. He seems to have a crush on Spider-Man from time to time. Anyways, over the years he’s gotten to be much more comical than his original persona. Based on fan support of his character being a comedian, he mixes lots of death and blood with a comical revelation that he knows he is a comic book character. She-Hulk used to do this same thing for a while...

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This is just fun…I love Spider-Man and Deadpool together

Gif of the day award

And seeing Spider-Dog making a cameo appearance just sells this. Mindless post, because, why the fuck not?

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