Deadpool and Venom

Whoa! You may have remember the video that has Deadpool hooking up with a random guy in a bathroom. Well, that same animator has done many animations. His name is Killy Stein. He posts up lots of updates on his Tumblr site. Including this video below where Deadpool is not only face fucking Nightwing, but somehow is take by Venom (another one of my particular favorite characters). And Venom starts to fuck him in turn. I love it! Check it out below.

Check out this guys work at:

8 thoughts on “Deadpool and Nightwing and Venom…WHOA!

  1. I so wish people would make videos of venom haveing sex with deadpool the two mach

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that this animator NEEDS to make an animation with Nightwing and Red Hood or Arkham Knight. There has to be a lot of rimming and moaning involved

    1. Please tell me everybody else agrees with me? Would you rather Arkham Knight/Red Hood be rimmed aggressively or Nightwing rimmed aggressively? Or both?

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