Cine X Men at Play (2).Movie_Snapshot

There still are adult movie theaters. I had no idea! One of the newest scenes from Men at Play takes place in an adult theater. I am pretty sure that it is one or a couple of their past scenes. I did recognize Damien Crosse in the mix.To see this full scene, go to

To see this full scene, go to

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This scene stars: Denis Vega

Denis Vega

Ivan Gregory

Ivan Gregory

1 thought on “Cine – X Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review

  1. I agree. It would’ve been SO much hotter if the blowjob had happened during a phone call. And yes, Denis Vegas is hot.

    I knew there were a FEW adult movie theaters still out there, but my understanding was that they’d almost completely died out. I think some are kept open as ‘historical landmarks’, which is pretty hilarious and awesome considering the history of what goes on there.

    Good review, Paulie!

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