Apocalypse Part 1 Mancast (3).Movie_Snapshot

Do you like apocalyptic movies where everyone has the potential to be killed off in some sort of death sport/fight? Well over at Men.com, they have a new Apocalypse series out. This one has a death match between Hector De Silva and Paddy O’Brian. Damn hot scene to start things out with.

After you check out my review on this scene below, check out the full scene at Men.com

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This Scene Stars: Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O'Brien

And Hector De Silva

Hector De Silva

1 thought on “Apocalypse Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from Men.com

  1. Patty O’Brian’s pretty awesome. I like that he’s such an aggressive top. It is cool that he’s bottomed a few times, but like you, I feel as though he’s just made to be the top in gay porn movies.

    Good review!

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