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I want to See this Spider-Man/Deadpool Team Up SOOO BAD!

Deadpool and Spidey

Despite what fans every audiences are very much willing to stake their lives on, there still is no sign of Spider-Man in the Captain America: Civil War movie. That does not mean that he will not be in it. It just means that Marvel has done an excellent job at keeping his appearance secret up to this point. Which many people, myself included, are thankful. I want an element of surprise to happen. Deadpool showing up is impossible with his rights being owned by Fox, but how many people would go ballistic if they did team up together in a movie? I would geekgasm all over if that happened. Especially since the comics hint that Wade Wilson has a crush on Spidey. Not so much Peter Parker, which the irony is funny if you read the comics, but he does love Spider-Man himself. Maybe some fan made films can be done down the line.

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