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Deadpool’s sexuality is omnisexual. Meaning he has no preference at all and switches with the moment he is currently in. He seems to have a crush on Spider-Man from time to time. Anyways, over the years he’s gotten to be much more comical than his original persona. Based on fan support of his character being a comedian, he mixes lots of death and blood with a comical revelation that he knows he is a comic book character. She-Hulk used to do this same thing for a while. He has a healing ability that is arguably stronger than Wolverine’s ability to heal and has brought him back from having his head being decapitated, his body incinerated, and being torn apart. Several times.


What many non-comic book people are unaware of is that under Deadpool’s costume, he is not a sexy guy. He is covered in lesions and is horribly scared from a cancer that he had before he was given his healing factor. But that does not stop everyone from sexualizing his character a lot. In fact, he has become a huge comic book sex symbol. Ryan Reynolds, who is going to be taking back up the role of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, is staying true to the character and is showing that he will have all the horrible scars on his body like his comic book counterpart. That is awesome, cause Reynolds is sexy as fuck but he is still staying true to the character. Many other sexy celebrities may not have wanted that portion of the character to shine through on their portrayal.


There have been so many cosplayers and artists out there that love Deadpool. Among the cosplay world, Deadpool cosplayers are somewhat annoying. Some are at least. They feel like they can do anything to annoy other cosplayers and get away with it because that is what their character does. Many other Deadpool cosplayers are respectful. But with the movie coming out and so many sexual references to Deadpool, I myself am thinking about breaking my vow to not do a Deadpool costume and I am contemplating making one. I know I am a hypocrite. Maybe by the end of the year I will have decided. But that is another topic altogether.


Another note that I did not really know myself until recently, but Deadpool has a sidekick of sorts. Not really, but he is one of the few people that accompany Deadpool on missions. It is Bob, the Hydra soldier. He is powerless and has no real training and is constantly getting hurt. But he is there more for Deadpool’s amusement. He could be a future cosplay too.
Deadpool Dog

Anyways, here’s some random hot cosplayers and artist’s interpretation of the Merc with a Mouth – Deadpool. I personally think Tyler Rush’s sexy assed Deadpool is one of the best ever made! Also, check out the video at the very end. Holy fuck, it was damn awesome for an animation.

7 thoughts on “Deadpool – A Sexy Beast!

  1. Good thing I don’t have to work today. Having to explain the hard on in my pants would be difficult after watching a piece of cartoon sex. Hehe. Hot animation.

  2. I don’t have the same negative experience with Deadpool cosplayers, though it’s not a huge stretch to imagine some of them as being incredibly obnoxious.

    I honestly don’t find Deadpool ‘sexy’ per say as a character. “SEXUAL”, yes! He drips it with never-ceasing innuendo and flirtatious black comedy humor. Plus, the fact that he is so sexually flexible is a huge turn-on to me.

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