Oh no, my GAYGEEKUNCUT Channel was deleted by YouTube!

GayGeekUncut Taken Down

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s pretty disappointing. I thought I edited the YouTube videos pretty well to keep anyone from seeing any porn or illicit images that YouTube wouldn’t want to show. Especially considering how much real lesbian porn exists on YouTube. Seriously. Just type in ‘Lesbian’ in the search on Youtube and you get 10,000s of vids that have girls totally going to town with millions of hits.

I could start a new Youtube site, no idea what I’d name it. Maybe GayGeekUncuts? GayGeekUncut2? But I’d definitely never be able to show any background images like I usually like to do. And probably cut all references to sex out. In my older vids, I would talk about it and just cut the background scenes out. My newer vids, I would completely omit any reference to the sex and just leave that for the UNCUT version that I posted on Mancast and on this site.

So what do you guys think? Start over or just call it quits?