The Naked Knight #4 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics

It’s the final part to this first Naked Knight story written and drawn by Sunny Victor. Dylan is knocked out by his dad and Kev has to rescue him. Luckily he has the help of his robot buddy A-B to give extra support. Will Dylan and Kevin have a happy ending to this first series? Check out my thoughts on this issue in the attached video.

This issue was written and Illustrated by Sunny Victor and published by Class Comics.
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The Jem Retrospective — Journey Through Time & Britrock

In which rock bands travel through time, then get tangled up with British Royalty. Enough said!

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House of X #1 – Marvel Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

The X-Men are back and writer Jonathan Hickman delivers a story that we have not seen before in the main Marvel continuity with Mutants once again taking the center stage. Xavier is forming a new nation of Mutants on the Mutant Island of Krakoa with gateway portals around the world to allow entrance for future mutants. There are obviously opponents to this, despite Xavier giving new medicines for humanity as a way to entice the world’s governments to accept this plea...
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Marvel SDCC 2019

If you haven’t been paying attention to the internet the past couple of days then let me fill you in. This weekend is San Diego Comic-con and it is its 50th anniversary. Like all milestone anniversaries big things happen. This year is no exception when it comes to every announcement that has been so far released at SDCC on the Marvel Side.

Blade is getting a remake and is staring Mahershala Ali (who already plays a MCU character in the Luke Cage series as Cottonmouth)

Thor: Lov...

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The DuckTales Retrospective — Earthquack & Home Sweet Homer

In which earthquakes are revealed to be caused by sentient gumballs. Because, reasons!

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Haulin’ Ass – Raging Stallion Gay XXX UNCUT Movie Review (NSFW)

It’s Haulin’ Ass! movie set in the desert (mostly) with 9 smoking hot men and 6 different scenes. Most of these raunchy as fuck sex sequences got me hard as fuck and ready to fuck the closest hole I could get my hands on. Check out my thoughts on this Steve Cruz and Jasun Mark directed flick!

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The X-Men Return to the Marvel Comic Book Universe – End of Age of X-Man – Comic Load 7/16/2019

The lackluster Age of X-Man is over. FINALLY! It was very lackluster and felt more like a transition into a better story that is coming up called House of X and House of Power. We finally get the X-Men returning home to find that Cyclops and Wolverine had restarted the X-Men and unfortunately lost several more of it’s remaining members. However, the core team is back. How will the story progress? Check out my thoughts on this and more comics in the attached video...
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Mondo Skeletor 1/6 Scale Masters of the Universe Toy Figure Review

It is the Overlord of Evil himself, Skeletor! Formerly Keldor, brother to King Randor and Uncle to Prince Adam, Skeletor is considered He-Man’s ultimate arch enemy in the Masters of the Universe stories. This figure made by MondoTees is epic! Check out my thoughts on this figure in the attached video and let me know what you think of him!

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Man Crush Monday – Alec Utgoff (Russian Scientist from Stranger Things Season 3)

Besides being such a cute character in season 3 of Stranger Things, Alec Utgoff is such an adorable guy in real life! Have you seen his Twitter and Instagram accounts? His pics are great and I suddenly have a huge crush on him! Here’s a few of his pics.

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The Batman Retrospective — Joker’s Wild & Tyger Tyger

In which copyright infringement leads to something other than YouTube bots. Also, there’s furry fetish material.

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