Party Boy – Men on Edge UNCUT Scene Review from – Tyler Rush

Party Boy Men on Edge Tyler Rush (2).Movie_Snapshot

Tyler Rush returns back to for a new scene. This time, he’s a passed out frat guy that’s kidnapped…borrowed by Sebastian Keys and Branden Forrest

Check out my thoughts on this scene in the video below. To see the full scene, go to:

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4 comments to Party Boy – Men on Edge UNCUT Scene Review from – Tyler Rush

  • Avatar Dirty Lou  says:

    The toy you’re referring to is the Hitachi Magic wand. There are many attachments that go on the basic vibrating device (including the sleeve that goes around the cock and the dildo insertion piece).

    • admin admin  says:

      Thank you! I have to get one of these…for learning purposes.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    This should’ve been a superhero scene.

    Dunno why, maybe just because of all the cosplay that Tyler’s done in the past, but I kept thinking that he should’ve started off in a superhero costume instead of being a fratboy. Good review, though, either way, Paulie. 🙂

    • Avatar Tyler Rush  says:

      I mean I wouldn’t be again a superhero scene. I just think there’s a smaller market for that.

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