Male Chastity belt

I completely respect all fetishes. Even the ones I don’t understand. Are male chastities suppose to prolong climaxes? It seems like this would be hurt to wear them for prolonged time. I have had a couple people ask me if I’ve worn one. No I have not. I would try one on, for a few a minutes. But I keep reading that people wear them for hours and days at a time. I still get the occasional boner that’s unexpected, and this would hurt so bad. I definitely couldn’t sleep in one.

Male Chastity

So I guess my question is, what is the benefit of wearing a chastity? Or is it a humiliation thing? If it is, then I totally understand why a dom person would want his sub to wear one.

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  1. I am currently locked and have been in some sort of device off and on for the last 2 years. It’s about loss of control and feeling subhuman. I’m in a constant state horniness and I’m unable to relieve it at my own accord it has to be with the permission of my Dom. It is usually from anal stimulation rather than JO or penetration. As for sleeping with it you actually get used to with time and even then there are nights that it doesn’t work out that way. I noticed that you actually used one of my photos 😉 If you have further questions feel free to hit me up.

  2. Having a chastity goes both ways, it’s about owning and controlling. The submissive guy gives control of their erection over to the dominate partner. The dom is able to determine when and in what way the chastity will be released. It’s an intimate relationship of giving someone you trust control over a part of your body, in this case sexual control as it is chastity for your genitals. It is not totally under humiliating for the sub unless not being able to get erect when prompted is the act of humiliation.

    The pain of trying to get an erection is an act of deterrence, a small subset discipline of willpower. If the sub is horny and his penis is hurting against the chastity cage, he can will it to subside, distract himself with other things. A dom can use that as a means of sexual fetish play to create scenarios where he sexually excites the sub.

    It’s a give and take relationship and goes both ways. Chastity is only recommended with someone you trust. You can play chastity by yourself, it’d be more of a disciplinary and willpower training. More of the sexual element comes into play when your chastity key is given to another to hold.

    I myself am not a huge fan of chastity, it’s fetish that I am not into. But I get where and how it kind of works. Hope that helps!

  3. I’m not into this but I think it hurting is part of the fetish. I generally associate it with the pain side of BDSM. I also think if you withold having an orgasm over a long period of time the next orgasm you have is more pleasurable.

  4. I like the way orgasm denial messes with my head. There’s the initial ‘must get off!’ predatory phase where everything feels sharper which morphs into a more playful, affectionate phase. Just to make things extra messed up: if I’m on denial, you’d better be teasing me right up to the edge daily! In a way a chastity device is just practical: if I have access to my dick and I’m horny, I’m going to do something about it. It’s interesting to give up control. But then, I’m a top who gets a kick out of being made to bottom so I’m a little weird!

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