Robin is my favorite Superhero, So Why Do I like to see him Abused so much?


Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. I have loved him since I could start to read. In fact, I started to read Tim Drake- Robin’s mini series as my first comics ever. I was always mesmerized that this kid, who was by far the weakest out of the previous Robins, physically, but could become a superhero regardless. What is more amazing is that I never saw any of the sexual overtones of Robin to Batman until way later in my late teenage years. Then it clicked!


Since then, being that the Robin series was the first series I ever read, he remained my favorite hero. There were other reasons too, but I will not go into those reasons. However, something that also came to my realization is that I liked to see Robin tied up and have his costume ripped off. The older Batman series had Robin, usually Dick Grayson, tied up by the villain almost constantly. This was done away with much more in the late 90s and up to today. The bondage aspect of everything was removed vastly from comics because of the sexual implications. But I noticed that I got really turned on seeing my favorite hero being humiliated in other pics and drawings that were completed by other sources that were not DC Comics. So I always save a pic when ever I see Robin tied up and sexually violated. Sometimes I’ll just save pics of sexy hot Robins.

Robin 1GayComicGeek Robin Tim Drake Green CostumeOne Year Later RobinStealth 1Red Robin Uthernet

My Robin fetish may also explain why I used to like to dress up as Robin at every convention I would attend. I am strongly considering doing a photoshoot and ripping up some of my older Robin costumes to look ‘battle damaged’ and have myself tied up. Of course I would do this with people I trusted and that it would be something that would be extremely sexual too. I may have to ask some of you guys out there for help in that department!

Robin 2Robin 3Robin 4

Is there such a thing as a Robin fetish? It seems like there is one. I know I am not the only one that gets turned on by seeing the sidekick get tossed around and having his clothes ripped off. I should look into this topic and write a complete article about it. Anyways, here’s a couple sexy Robin pics for you guys to enjoy!

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