4 comments to Scared Straight Part 1 – Men.com UNCUT Scene Review

  • TherealJack  says:

    This is good series. Have you ever watch Prison shower series from Men? Rafael appears in part 1 and 5 which they call repeat offender. You should also check the prison scenes from kink. Would love to hear your thoughts on them

    • admin admin  says:

      I have not watched those scenes, but I will! Now that you mention it, I did know there were some on Kink, and I must download them. Thanks!

      • Anonymous  says:

        How can I watch this full movie??plz tell me

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    I’ve heard of the Scared Straight program. There’s a rumor that one of the churches in the area where I lived sent their youth group on a Scared Straight tour just to fuck with them and ‘scare’ the kids into accepting Jesus or something.

    Rafael does indeed have a nice big dick. And yes, I will ask: Have you ever done the thing where you’re on your shoulders and your jizz flies into your face/mouth?

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