Scared Straight Part 1 UNCUT.Movie_Snapshot

Everyone loves porn prison scenes. Well everyone that hasn’t been in prison at least.’s
Scared Straight series is pretty damn good. The performers in this first part really make this scene totally jizz worthy. Check out my review below.

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Garrett Cooper

Garrett Cooper

Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar

4 thoughts on “Scared Straight Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review

  1. This is good series. Have you ever watch Prison shower series from Men? Rafael appears in part 1 and 5 which they call repeat offender. You should also check the prison scenes from kink. Would love to hear your thoughts on them

    1. I have not watched those scenes, but I will! Now that you mention it, I did know there were some on Kink, and I must download them. Thanks!

  2. I’ve heard of the Scared Straight program. There’s a rumor that one of the churches in the area where I lived sent their youth group on a Scared Straight tour just to fuck with them and ‘scare’ the kids into accepting Jesus or something.

    Rafael does indeed have a nice big dick. And yes, I will ask: Have you ever done the thing where you’re on your shoulders and your jizz flies into your face/mouth?

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