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It’s Free Porn Day! (NSFW)

Holy crap, I just now found out that it’s FreePornDay at some sites. How did I let this slip by my radar? It’s mostly heterosexual sites (gross) but there are some gay sites that are participating in this as well, including Next Door Raw, Next Door Ebony, and Falcon Studios. Not all of their sites’ content are available, but a decent selection is visible from what I’ve seen. You have to follow the site directly to the FREE Content available...

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July 6 – It’s International Kissing Day! (NSFW)

National Kissing Day

It’s International Kissing Day! I had no idea. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So enjoy these pics and GIFs of guys kissing. Make sure to find your partner or possible partner or just someone you really like, and lay a smooch on them for me.

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It’s Batman Day! Let’s Look at a couple sexy Batmen!

Holy Fuck Batman
If you were unaware of it, September 26 is Batman Day. It’s obviously not a real holiday or anything like that and it’s not even the day that the legendary Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) was released. It’s really just for comic book geeks to show Batman pics and stuff like that on their social media sites. I think some comic stores put up some Batman decorations...

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Day Into Night – TitanMen – UNCUT Review

This may be one of the last TitanMen movies that was directed by Paul Wilde

Check out TitanMen’s other works at:

This movie stars:Hunter Marx


Dario Beck


Alex Graham


Ray Nicks


Rogan Richards


and Alessio Romero


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have you all kissed your Gingers?

I may have put some extra pics of Blu Kennedy. I just really like him.

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In Case you didn’t already know, I really like Green Day

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Went to Green Day Concert in Philadelphia, it fucking rocked!


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