The Grabby Awards were given out and I have to say that I love a lot of the winning performances and choice of movies/scenes. Wesley Woods and Jack Hunter well deservedly won performers of the year. Good for them! I slightly stalk both of them. Wesley is a hilarious stand up comedian and that Jack is an aspiring entertainer/actor himself.

The Grabby’s take place in Chicago. The awards go to gay porn studios and performers in many different areas. They’re sponsored by Grab Magazine. This is a free magazine that is Chicago’s premier LGBT publication.

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Apparently some people are upset that a didgeridoo was used in a gay porn sex scene from No seriously. I had to research didgeridoo to even know what it was. This is no different from any other sacred piece device that many other cultures use, so I do not see the difference in this being used in porn as opposed to a crucifix. Which, a crucifix has been used before in the past in gay/straight porn as well. Regardless, Aspen and Jack Hunter deliver a great performance in this scene and it is definitely spank worthy! What are your thoughts?

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Didgeridoo Me! – UNCUT Scene Review – This is Controversial? Really? (NSFW) from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.

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This scene stars: Aspen and Jack Hunter