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Zack & Jack Make a Porno – Falcon Studios UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

Have you ever wanted to make your own successful full length porn movie? It is surprisingly harder to do than you’d think. Zack and Jack discover this themselves when they hire a couple big dicked porn celebrities in this Falcon Studios movie that stars badass Woody Fox as Zack and the always awesome Wesley Woods as Jack.

Check out my review in the attached video. When you’re done, see the full movie at: FalconStudios.com

Zack & Jack Make a Porno – Falcon Studios UNCUT Movie Re powered by XTu...

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Congratulations to Wesley Woods & Jack Hunter for Grabby Award – Performers of the Year 2017! (NSFW)

The Grabby Awards were given out and I have to say that I love a lot of the winning performances and choice of movies/scenes. Wesley Woods and Jack Hunter well deservedly won performers of the year. Good for them! I slightly stalk both of them. Wesley is a hilarious stand up comedian and that Jack is an aspiring entertainer/actor himself.

The Grabby’s take place in Chicago. The awards go to gay porn studios and performers in many different areas. They’re sponsored by Grab Magazine...

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Didgeridoo Me! – UNCUT Men.com Scene Review – This is Controversial? Really? (NSFW)

Apparently some people are upset that a didgeridoo was used in a gay porn sex scene from Men.com. No seriously. I had to research didgeridoo to even know what it was. This is no different from any other sacred piece device that many other cultures use, so I do not see the difference in this being used in porn as opposed to a crucifix. Which, a crucifix has been used before in the past in gay/straight porn as well. Regardless, Aspen and Jack Hunter deliver a great performance in this Men.com sce...

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Captain Jack Harkness – Yeah this is probably what I’d do to if he forced me to (willingly)

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I want a Ice Flesh Jack. No seriously I do, this looks awesome (No this isn’t me)

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