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I Will Always Be a True Believer, Excelsior Stan Lee!

To many non-geeks, Stan Lee was just a passing name of a man that they knew had something to do with comic books, but they did not know exactly what his capacity was. To many more who know even the slightest bit about the modern day superhero, we know that Stanley Martin Lieber was the creator of a world that is epic beyond proportions. Most of you reading this already know that I take comic books quite seriously...

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Loo Kee & Kowl – Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Review (Princess of Power)

Loo Kee and Kowl (3).Movie_Snapshot

Loo-Kee and Kowl! This two pack from the Masters of the Universe Classics series is a very cute duo that I am so happy that was released from MattyCollector. Thank you Brandon for getting me these guys, I fracking love them! Check out my thoughts on them in the video below.

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I love Stan Lee!

Stan Lee 1

Stan Lee 2

Stan Lee 3

Stan Lee 4

Stan Lee 5

Stan Lee 6

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Remember that time Stan Lee Posed Naked at Marvel Comic Offices? (NSFW)

Stan Lee Naked

Yes it is true. Stan the Man Lee posed naked, or at least near naked with an over sized comic book covering his junk back in 1983. Apparently before Marvel was owned by Disney and was producing major blockbuster movies, the offices of Marvel Comics was a very fun place to work. As to why he posed naked, well this is the direct excerpt from the book – Marvel Comics: The Untold Story:

STAN LEE, CENTERFOLD (photograph by Eliot R. Brown)
When Stan Lee visited New York in January 1983, the editori...

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Standor – Masters of the Universe Stan Lee Figure Review

No one likes my toy reviews, but damnit, I’m going to keep doing them! haha- Please subscribe- GayComicGeek Youtube Channel

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