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Supergirl’s – Mon-El Costume Revealed – What do You Think?

What do you think of it? I love the actor Chris Wood and think he’s a total cutie. Especially with his facial hair. The costume is just so…whelming. I was hoping for more colors and maybe just a little more homage to more of his classic comic book counter part costumes. This is a realistic look but it’s just more of a biker look to me. It is not the worse, but it is nothing that great either. Do you think it?

Here’s a photoshopped image that was made of Mon-El a while back that looks a bit co...

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Supergirl Mon-El Actor Chris Wood (Possibly Superboy) – My New Celebrity Crush


I was really hoping that Supergirl character – Mon-El played by Chris Wood was going to be a Captain Jack Harkness type of character that is pansexual. Unfortunately that does not look to be the case. It appears that the show is going to force a predictable relationship between him and Supergirl because…whatever reason.


When we see Mon-El’s flashback as a personal guard of the “Prince of Daxam,” it almost feels as though he is much more to him...

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