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So Many People Are Upset About This Cameo in Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere (SPOILERS)

I liked the season premiere of Game of Thrones. The opening scene alone had me cheering. It was obvious that it was Arya using her face changing skills...

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Game of Thrones – Forgot Something? Luckily They Made a Recap Video!

If you are like me and forgot anything in the last 6 seasons of Game of Thrones, then luckily there is a recap video that was made specifically for us. Damn, I this season looks like it’ll be epic.

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New Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer! Season Starts 7/16/2017

Winter is here baby! I am excited for the new season. Everything looks to be culminating in the biggest battles the series has teased at for years. Anyone else excited?

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Pirates – Gay XXX Parody Trailer from Men.Com – YES!!! (NSFW)

I fucking love pirates! Men.com has made a Pirate porn series. It looks like it has some Pirates of the Caribbean influence on it, but it is still just being labeled as simply Pirates...

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Game of Thrones Season 7 – Official Trailer!!!!

This has been a great week to be a geek! I do not know if Game of Thrones counts as a geeky related material, but I’m taking it...

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Tung Lashor – Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Toy Figure Review

It’s Tung Lashor from the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline from MattyCollector. He is part of the Snake Men and one of the more unique out of the figures since he’s much different from most of the other Snake Men.

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Guardians…Orgasms of the Galaxy – The Dildo Collection!

I fucking love the GeekySexToys.com site! They have a new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line that features some interesting dildos/vibrators/plugs for everyone out there. I want that Randy Racoon tail plug...

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Sea Hawk – Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man – Toy Figure Review (Princess of Power)

Sea Hawk – Adora’s boyfriend…or maybe he was Bow’s boyfriend, whatever. You can have any imagination with toylines, including making a pirate whose crew is all male, be bisexual at the very least. Here’s my thoughts on this figure. Thanks Mr...

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Long Walk – WHOA!

That gave me goosebumps. I am a Game of Thrones fan and I have been waiting very patiently for the past year for the new season to start...

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Newspaper Comic Strips Book – Review

Did you know that there existed a Masters of the Universe newspaper comic strip that was published in select newspapers around the world? It did exist and it expanded on the original 1980s-1990s He-Man Universe that most fans never knew existed...

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